Amazing Race

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

I would give up my firstborn child to be a contestant on The Amazing Race. That is a slight exaggeration, but I would do almost anything to be on the show. The ability to travel around the world with someone that you love, perform fun and exciting challenges, and potentially win a million dollars at the end? It’s too much. There is no need for the million dollar prize, in my opinion. Keep the money. I would just appreciate the opportunity to travel around the world with my husband. In fact, I’ll do one better. Keep the money, and I’ll pay them to be on the show. It’s an untapped revenue potential. It’s brilliant. I suppose there is one problem with my plan. I am fully aware of the fact that if my husband were to travel around the world and consistently be placed in high stress situations with little to no money, we would probably not make it past the end of the show. It’s a lot to put a couple through, is what I’m saying. And considering the full scale mental breakdowns I witness every time I watch the show, I think that’s a safe thing to say. Look for the show on direct tv packages on Sundays.


Win One of 24 iPad 2s – Do You Get In and Go Shopping on Black Friday?


We are one week away from Black Friday 2011. The day when everyone wakes up at 4 am to get to the stores that are offering the best deals on the most coveted Christmas gifts. This year stores are opening even earlier to get a jump on the shopper’s money.

I have done the Black Friday thing. Woke my tiny children from a dead sleep and took them into crowded stores in their pajamas just to save those few precious dollars. As the kids got older, I would leave them home and go out shopping with friends. We would love to get to the stores that were giving away free Christmas decorations to the first 50 or 100 people. To this day looking at my little JCPenney Mickey Mouse snow globe still brings back wonderful memories of early mornings and going in and back out and then back in again to get extra snow globes.

This year I am going to skip the Black Friday store shopping event. That’s right! I am going to stay home and enjoy the quiet of the empty streets of town. While everyone else is out fighting for the latest have to have gadget, I will be cozied up by the fire with my laptop trying to win an iPad 2.

You can win one as well! ZAGG is giving away and iPad 2 every hour starting at midnight (MST) on Black Friday, November 25, 2011. Every hour you need to go to this giveaway page,, and enter to win the giveaway. In between the hours of entering the contest, take a look at all of the great accessories that ZAGG offers for mobile devices. You will definitely need a case for your new iPad 2.

When you and I win, we will have a wonderful time shopping Cyber Monday from our iPad 2s! Good luck!


Get My Cookies to Hawaii and Win a PF Chang’s Gift Card

After all of my great adventures I always love to do some baking. Fill my home with the smell of cookies and cakes. This week I have baked and baked until I could no longer stand the heat in the kitchen. I baked a fig upside down cake, a carrot cake and some lemon zucchini bread. Remember, these are healthy treats for you because they do have fruits and vegetables in them. Fruits and vegetables, even in baked goods, equal HEALTHY!

As my baking was going on in the kitchen I sat at the kitchen table looking for my next adventure. I always lean towards somewhere exotic. I came across this contest sponsored in part by Hawaiian Airlines called “Flavors Take Flight.” All I have to do is enter one of my recipes in the contest and then get my friends to vote me up. If I am in the top 10, I get a chance to take my cookie recipe to Hawaii and share it on the local news station. Wow! Traveling, beaches and cooking! My favorite things!

I started experimenting with cookie recipes because cookies are what I do best and I came up with a great recipe. I call them “Pina Colada Cookies with Macadamia Nuts.” These cookies are inspired by my trip to Hawaii with my grandparents back when I was a teenager (a few years ago.)

I tested these cookies on my family and even little Sidekick Suki. (She loves my baking.) They were a hit  and I entered them in the contest. The first couple of days I shot up the charts to number 6. I knew I had this top 10 in the bag. Now over the course of just a few days, I have dropped to number Sixteen 🙁 . So I just need a few more hundred votes. The contest goes until this Saturday, September 24, 2011.

As an incentive to my friends to help me get the votes out there (share with your friends) I am offering a $25 gift certificate to PF Chang’s. To be in the running for this great gift, here is what you have to do:

  1. Vote for my recipe at this link, then leave a comment letting me know you voted below for one chance.
  2. Ask 10 of your friends to vote and leave a separate comment telling me you invited your friends for another chance.

We will randomly draw a winner on Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 12:00 am MST. The winner will be notified and we will send out the gift card the following day. Then the winner will enjoy a delicious PF Chang’s meal.

Sounds easy? It is! Thank you for helping me get in and go to Hawaii with my cookies.


Congratulations Matt! You are the winner of the$25 Gift Card to PF Chang’s.