Build Your Blog 2015

byb2015I am looking forward to the Build Your Blog Conference this year. I have enjoyed watching this conference grow. I went the first year that it was presented and I learned so much. That first year it was a one day conference packed with good information about growing your blog. Now it is a 2 day conference filled with even more information.

Get registered soon here: BYB2015.

The conference is this weekend, February 20-21, 2015!

Get In and Go to Goblin Valley

DSC_0593One of the best places to visit in Utah is Goblin Valley State Park. The park is approximately 4 hours from Salt Lake but only about 2 hours from my front door. Growing up in Utah I had heard about Goblin Valley. People always told me it was great fun. So after spending all of my life in Utah, I finally took an adventure to check it out for myself. Do you know what? They were right! It is great fun.

Goblin Valley has hoodoos everywhere. There is a small entrance fee for the state park but once inside you are able to climb and hike for hours. We had a wonderful time. We climbed to the tops of cliffs, scaled to the tops of hoodoos and hid among the goblins. When nighttime came we witnessed a large family (or several families) playing hide and go seek among the goblin shadows.

Hiking in Goblin ValleyA very brief history about Goblin Valley: Back in the 1920’s some cowboys were looking for cattle when they came upon the strange little rock creatures surrounded by eroded rock cliffs. In 1964 the area was obtained by the state of Utah and designated as a state park. In 1974 the park was opened to the public as a state park.

DSC_0601 Climbing Hoodoos in Goblin Valley

Get in and Go in Your Motorhome!


Last fall Kirk and I decided to upgrade our camping trailer. We loved our trailer. We would take it up to our mountain property every spring, leave it, and camp all summer in seclusion and beauty. It was a tough decision but the trailer did not function as well for us as empty nesters with a little Sidekick Suki.

I had a list of things that I needed for our new Camp Needs!

1 – First and foremost, a walk around bed. Our old camp trailer had a bed that was placed in the corner. I hated making that bed. I would have to crawl across the top to tuck in the blankets. I wanted to be able to walk around the bed to tuck everything in with hospital corners.

2 – A slide out living area. Our camping trailer was very cramped when we had visitors so I wanted to have more space for when all 10 of our children came to visit us while we were camping. We could more easily squish them all into a trailer with a slide out living area.

3. More storage space. The camping trailer was fine but there were only 3 drawers and one cabinet for the kitchen. I love to cook and I need lots of stuff to cook with and it needs to be stored somewhere.

4. A place for Suki. Well, Suki actually fits just about anywhere. She loves camping!

So the hunt was on. Kirk’s criteria was that it had to be reasonably priced and make me happy. We looked at so many campers, trailers and motorhomes. Some were so beautiful but not reasonably priced. Others were reasonably priced and not so nice. Then one day I saw a motorhome with a little chandelier in it. I told Kirk that I really wanted to look at that one. We drove to Salt Lake to take a look at it. The motorhome had been sitting for a few years and was dusty and needed a good cleaning. It had a walk around bed, a slide out living area, lots of storage, and a place for Suki. And bonus, a cute little chandelier over the table.

We bought a 1996 Allegro Bay. Sure it is old. Sure the outside is a little faded. But it was reasonably priced and had all the necessities we needed. Now it is so nice. We cleaned it, gave it a good tune up, and now that old motorhome is our favorite get in and go vehicle.

Here is my favorite part of the whole deal! There are 2 old televisions hooked up to an old VCR. Now I can watch all my old favorite movies while I am camping. If I feel like getting a new old movie I can usually pick them up at thrift stores for under a buck. Sweet!