Get in and Go in Your Motorhome!


Last fall Kirk and I decided to upgrade our camping trailer. We loved our trailer. We would take it up to our mountain property every spring, leave it, and camp all summer in seclusion and beauty. It was a tough decision but the trailer did not function as well for us as empty nesters with a little Sidekick Suki.

I had a list of things that I needed for our new Camp Needs!

1 – First and foremost, a walk around bed. Our old camp trailer had a bed that was placed in the corner. I hated making that bed. I would have to crawl across the top to tuck in the blankets. I wanted to be able to walk around the bed to tuck everything in with hospital corners.

2 – A slide out living area. Our camping trailer was very cramped when we had visitors so I wanted to have more space for when all 10 of our children came to visit us while we were camping. We could more easily squish them all into a trailer with a slide out living area.

3. More storage space. The camping trailer was fine but there were only 3 drawers and one cabinet for the kitchen. I love to cook and I need lots of stuff to cook with and it needs to be stored somewhere.

4. A place for Suki. Well, Suki actually fits just about anywhere. She loves camping!

So the hunt was on. Kirk’s criteria was that it had to be reasonably priced and make me happy. We looked at so many campers, trailers and motorhomes. Some were so beautiful but not reasonably priced. Others were reasonably priced and not so nice. Then one day I saw a motorhome with a little chandelier in it. I told Kirk that I really wanted to look at that one. We drove to Salt Lake to take a look at it. The motorhome had been sitting for a few years and was dusty and needed a good cleaning. It had a walk around bed, a slide out living area, lots of storage, and a place for Suki. And bonus, a cute little chandelier over the table.

We bought a 1996 Allegro Bay. Sure it is old. Sure the outside is a little faded. But it was reasonably priced and had all the necessities we needed. Now it is so nice. We cleaned it, gave it a good tune up, and now that old motorhome is our favorite get in and go vehicle.

Here is my favorite part of the whole deal! There are 2 old televisions hooked up to an old VCR. Now I can watch all my old favorite movies while I am camping. If I feel like getting a new old movie I can usually pick them up at thrift stores for under a buck. Sweet!



Visited Chichen Itza – Checked It Off My Bucket List

Kirk and LaRea in front of El Castillo

My husband and I recently took a well needed vacation to Mexico. We made an adventure of it and did a lot of activities outside of our comfort zone. As we were preparing for our vacation, I told Kirk that the one thing I really wanted to do MORE THAN ANYTHING was to go to Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. After all it’s on my bucket list! For weeks prior to our travel date I studied out everything I could about this ancient Mayan city. What is the best way for us to get to Chichen Itza from our resort? How much will it cost to get in? How did this great city get here? What happened to all of the people that lived there?

I became fascinated with the whole Mayan culture. there is a lot of history that has been recorded about the Mayans but also a lot that has been lost due to the Spanish conquest to Mexico. This website had a lot of valuable information about how to get there, where Chichen Itza is located and some historical information.

We ended up taking a tour offered by our resort. That meant no worries about getting a taxi or taking a bus. Whew! I thought I knew what I was going to see when I got to Chichen Itza, but walking through the gates I was awestruck. It was beautiful! I am always fascinated about the history of places and this place had so much ancient history I couldn’t take it all in.

The Thousand Columns – My favorite picture of the day

Here were the highlights:

  • El Castillo – the big pyramid in most photographs. At two times during the year during the equinox when the sun shines just right you can witness the snakes highlighted on the pyramid. We were just 15 days early to witness this great event. Dang it!
  • Exactness – Every building was built with a purpose and measurements were such that at certain times of the day or year “miracles” would happen. Or if you stand in the right place you can hear certain sounds. Such as when you clap at the base of El Castillo you can hear a chirping sound come from the top doors of the pyramid.
  • The Thousand Columns - It is believed that these columns once supported a roof and housed several meeting rooms, maybe classrooms. Lots of learning going on then and now. There were so many columns all evenly lined up I just wanted to walk through them. Too bad they were roped off.
  • The Great Ball Court – What? Sports played back in ancient Mexico. I was sure my sons would be so impressed. I don’t know if it was football or basketball or some sort of quidditch game. Apparently though if you lose you die.
  • The Enormity of It All – Chichen Itza was once a very large city with approximately 50,000 people. As I walked around the ruins thinking about all of those people walking in these same footsteps I just kept thinking, “Where did all the people go?”

Kirk in Front of El Castillo – He looks so tiny here

This was such a fun and educational experience! I am so excited to check it off my bucket list. I learned so much and I value the history from this ancient people. Now I am ready to head off to my next adventure. Where should I go?

The Observatory – Looking at the stars in ancient Mayan times

El Castillo

Cowboy’s Chaps in Arches National Park – Utah

thanks for the guest post from daydreamcatcher

We all have that kind of friend, you know the type that you loan $20 to then they disappear. You know the type that shows up with bleached blonde hair because of a lost bet. This kind of friend is the life of the party. This is the type of person you take on a road trip.

Perhaps, you aren’t as lucky as me to have this type of friend. My sister, Karli and I are lucky enough. So we did invite our friend Blake on our road trip. He is a 24 hour comedy act. A friend like that sure makes a road trip super exciting.

I have always wanted to backpack around Southern Utah. Canyon Lands, Arches, and Moab, you know the drill. In particular I have always wanted to see Cowboy’s Chaps. You might know it as Delicate Arch or Ladies Britches. Or perhaps you don’t recognize any of those names at all, but I am talking about the most famous arch of all time, the one that is the face of the Utah license plates. Odd as is might sound, I planned on licking that arch.

We took a little weekend road trip to Moab. We pulled directly into Arches National Park after the drive. Utah is hot in the middle of the summer. Why was I wearing pants? We pulled into the visitors center to get a little information, a little water and to change into shorts.

When I walked into the parking lot there was Blake at the wheel of my car with my sister buckled up in the back seat. “Okay,” I thought, “Let’s do this.”

Little did I know, that Blake too was looking forward to seeing Cowboy’s Chaps. In fact, he hardly cared about the rest of the arches we passed as we raced through the park. Finally, Karli said “Can we stop and take some pictures?” That was of course one of our main goals, to take some amazing photos of that wonderful place. Blake stopped the car and we took some pictures.

Karli and Blake on our Road TripKarli and Blake posing in their khaki pants

We got out and hiked the trails and climbed some rocks. We had a small picnic of PB& Js. Blake brought a special bag of cherries that he snacked on the entire time. If there are ever Cherry trees in Arches National Park, I am sure it will be because of Blake. He was spitting seeds everywhere while joking about how he would run off and live in the park for the rest of his life.

Blake's Utah Cherries

Blake’s Special Utah Cherries

I wanted to see the sun set while we were there at Cowboy’s Chaps. We planned it just right so that we would be to the arch before the sun went down. We hiked the longer hike. I thought I was in shape enough to keep up with those two, but Blake and Karli lead the way as I gasped for air behind them. It was a lovely hike. I enjoyed the fact that the trail was covered with several languages and a variety of ages. I feel that Cowboy’s Chaps is beautiful scene that all should enjoy.

Karli and I waited for our turn to take our picture. That is when I accomplished my goal. I leaned in and licked Cowboy’s Chaps. Maybe it was just me, but it tasted of sand, wind, salt, accomplishment, friendship, and a hint of cherries.

Cowboy's Chaps

TeAnna and Karli Standing under Cowboy’s Chaps

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