Please, I need a vacation!

It is true, I need a vacation.  There is so much going on. With the new blog, the Election Day nervousness today (yeah, I am running for town council), the family going a hundred different directions, the holidays approaching, remodeling our little store on Main Street, and the weather getting cooler: the list could go on and on and on. Instead I am going to do a little dreaming today. 🙂 Dreaming about those sandy beaches and the little waves hitting my ankles as I walk along the beaches of …. ANYWHERE!

You see, I am a native Utah girl, born and raised right there in the capital city. I grew up taking the bus to Downtown Salt Lake City, enjoying the shopping and sights there. The Wasatch Mountains were the backdrop of my childhood. It was a great childhood! I thought Salt Lake City was the best place in the world. And then it happened. I went on a trip to California, to the beach. I fell in love!

There is nothing like the soft sand in between your toes, the sun warming your hair and the sound of the waves rolling in. My first love was for the beaches of California. I thought that was the greatest place on Earth. As an adult I have travelled to the Mexico and Florida beaches. All of them have something wonderful to offer to a girl who just wants to lie on the beach.     

Wait a minute, does that sound like I just want to lie around and do nothing. I think it did. Well, I do. Not in the sense that I am lazy, because that I am not. I stay pretty active with so many things. I just want that beach breeze blowing through my hair.

Tell me if this is not your perfect day: You wake up to the waves of the ocean outside your window, a few seagulls flying by making just the slightest sound. You glide to the open window with your silk robe blowing in the wind behind you. You see the blue water and hear it calling your name. You dress quickly in the perfect soft pink bathing suit on your perfectly sculpted body. You walk out onto your veranda and feel the gentle breeze on your skin and your hair catching flight in the wind. Still the waves beckon you.

You walk down the wooden steps and your foot steps into the warm, soft sand. You take a few steps and there you see it, the perfect seashell. You bend over to pick it up and notice how it sparkles in the sunlight.   You slip that seashell into your beach bag and continue the journey closer to the waves. Finally you come upon the perfect spot to rest for the day. No one is around, the sand is inviting, the waves are pounding, the seagulls are singing. You spread out your beach towel and then lie down with the new bestselling book.

There you spend your day with the warmth of the sun on your body, a good book in your hands and drinks brought by a handsome beach vendor. Finally after you have finished your book and the sun is going down in the sky, you make your way back to your beach house and relax to a beautiful sunset while enjoying a gourmet meal.Beach at Sunset

Sounds like the perfect day?

Well, back to reality… all of you! Vacation will have to wait until all your work is done.


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  1. Funny, I was also dreaming of warm weather and warm beaches today. Kreig and I were in Florida a year ago and how I wish I could feel that again soon. Lets look for good deals and find the sun

  2. That was my trip to Tahiti in a nutshell except I didn’t do any reading! I just sat on the beach, swam among the fishes in the most amazingly wonderfully warm and clear water and played with Piper! It was a trip of a lifetime! I highly recommend the island of Moorea in Tahiti!

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