Music Review – Family of The Year: Songbook

I am always on the road traveling from one place to another. Seeing the sights, visiting the family. On my drives, I have to have my music. I am always looking for something new and fun. Well, I found it. The group, Family of the Year has a new full length CD titled Songbook.

I had never heard of Family of the Year before so I was a little apprehensive about what I would find when I popped this CD into my car’s player. Immediately I was overtaken by the Beatles sounding, toe-tapping, move in my seat beat of the number one track titled “Feel Good Track of Rosemead.” I knew this was going to be one good road trip.

The next track titled “Let’s Be Honest” left me reminiscent of growing up and falling in love. Sure those were the good ole’ days. Back when we were young kids with a dream that everything was going to be awesome in our lives. I loved the vocals by Joe Keefe and Vanessa Long. Their voices blend into a magnificent sound.

I just fell in love with the CD by this point when the song “Treehouse” came on next. This one brought back some memories. We had a tree house in our neighborhood and my friends and I loved climbing up the tree and spying on the other kids. “Leaves in my hair, sap in my shoes, laughing and swinging when you come around”… Fun times for sure!

By now, only three songs into this CD my road trip has been a blast. I am dancing along with the music and trying to memorize the lyrics. The folk rock tone of Family of the Year’s sound really has me captivated.

Similar to the sound of the Beach Boys, the “Summer Girl” track is probably one of my favorite songs. It reminds me of the beach, one of my favorite places to go, especially with someone I love.

I can really relate to the song “Intervention (Stable Jeans).” It is a love song for something I hold very dear. I can see myself singing this song to… my favorite pair of blue jeans which finally had to be put to rest after years of wear. Holes in the knees, tears in the pockets, worn at the hemline. You were good to me old blue jeans. I miss you. I am thankful for this ode to the blue jeans to remind me of our good times.

I am almost to my destination. The road has been good to me today. And time goes by so quickly when you are having fun listening to great tunes. My new anthem for life from the album is “Let’s Go Down.” How often have I said to my family, “Let’s go down to the river, let’s go to the lake, let’s burn a fire, and give this scene a break.” Any opportunity to get out of the city renews my strength.

Family of the Year has influences from all genres of music. They have been cited as being reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys. This indie-folk rock band surely has something the whole family can enjoy. Whether at home or on the road. The group is distributing their own music on their website. I am hopping on their band wagon looking forward to what’s coming next. I loved this CD and I look forward to many more tunes for the road in the future.


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