Midweek Funny Facebook Quotes

Everyone loved the Midweek Funny Facebook Quotes last time so I decided to do them again. I wasn’t sure I could come up with enough for two posts this week, but boy was I wrong. Have a great Hump Day and look forward to the weekend.

  • okay Facebook friends I want to know…..what do you think of glitter toes? I am also wondering if you run and have glitter toes does it bug?
    • Comment: As long as they are clean, it doesn’t matter what you put on them.
  • I broke out Ms. Pac Man for my Wii generation kids, and they had fun with what they called “old fashioned video games”
  • … is having her dinner shaken not stirred. nothing better than eating a big dinner then letting your teenager practice driving on a stick!

  • A friend told me to stop by their apartment when I got off work. I went to her apartment, knocked on the door and was then told by her mother that she was not home. Yay for waking people up at 4 AM for no reason!
  • I don’t know. I don’t know what I don’t know. I just don’t know
  • I’m going to smile like nothings wrong
  • Every day may not be good but, there is good in every day!!!
  • Crazy… Nutty.. Freaky…call me whatever you want, But I bet you’ll never be able to forget me…….. 😛
  • Insanity works best when NOONE knows WHAT your LAUGHING AT!
  • “better to be in a tent with someone you LOVE, than a mansion with someone you don’t”
  • Well it’s prob not going to do me a darn bit of good to complain about this stupid ridiculous cold miserable weather so I won’t……………………..
  • … is going to bed, maybe tonight the dogs will give me some blankets?!
  • lol I give my sister a wedgey so hard it broke it was the best
  • Today is another one of those stupid days….. I am sick of stupid days!!
  • Is feeling on top of the world today just hope this branch don’t snap!!

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