Funny Facebook Quotes XVII

Friday comes around and the Funny Facebook Quotes is the highlight of my week. Reading what my Facebook friends say just brightens my day. As you are reading these quotes, I hope that you will share them with your friends too because everyone needs a little joy in their lives.

  • I’m so excited……I’m going ghost hunting in long island on the Queen Mary.
  • Verdict on the KFC Double Down: Eh, not so much. Messy, overpriced and ruins the classic KFC Original Recipe. Not worth the heart attack
  • Is looking for the motivation to clean my house…… I keep taking face book breaks and not much is getting done 🙂

  • Gotta get them kids back in school tomorrow so the School District don’t send me to court for spending too much time with them.
    • Comment: Hangin with the kids is the best… the school will get over it!!
    • Comment: HA… no they don’t….not her anyway. They’ll take you to court!
    • Comment: I hear ya, I already got called to the principals office last month for the same thing…although it was to may sick days!!
    • Comment: Seriously?? That’s not good…well then I guess you’d better get them back…HA!!
    • Comment: However you may be sent to court for grammatical errors…ha ha!!
  • There’s not a lot of money in revenge
  • How did a fool and his money get together in the first place?
  • My kids are starting to look like little homeless people, with their floods and ragged/worn winter shirts… come to think if it they are like little homeless people… They always seem dirty, hungry and beg for money =\
  • Nothing good will come of it, but ya know what? Haha It sure will be fun
  • Has had the same dream two nights in a row and it’s a weird one… what do recurring dreams mean? Does anyone know if Dave Ramsey (financial guru) has ever even been a masseuse? *Creepy…
  • Wish the twins would color on paper more than on each other.
  • Dictionary — School 1. An institution for the instruction or education of children 2. An institution within a college or university for instruction 3. Any institution that provides instruction 4. Basically….prison.


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  1. It was me who said that “they are funny today!!!…” I am not sure why it said you did LaRea but they were funny today!

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