Funny Facebook Quotes XVIII

What was life like before Facebook? How did you keep in touch with all of your friends and family? Or did you even know what was going on with friends and family? Now some of my friends seem to be addicted to Facebook. Of course, first thing in the morning I am on Facebook looking for Funny Facebook Quotes for Fridays. I am never disappointed by the funny things my friends have going on in their lives. What do you think?

  • Thus begins my 6 month battle against the entire ant community. They will all die.
  • I must say I love my job!
  • Who knew it was Admin Appreciation Day? I didn’t – guess what we are having for lunch? Cafe Rio! Guess what I had for dinner last night? Cafe Rio!
  • Ok, Boys & Girls…. I need to get off here and get some stuff done. I hope everyone has a Great day… I will be back in a bit…. I can’t stay away for the whole day!!! haha

  • thinks that it’s quite possible that I might be productive today- crazier things HAVE happened!
  • ahhhhh…coffee. Preventing mothers from eating their young for centuries!
  • I think I’m going to go and keep my bed company, it’s lonely!!
  • Another day in cheeseburger paradise, wish I could hop on over to margarita-ville for the rest of the week, it sounds like there having a better time over there
  • I agree – it’s time for equal rights in pay for women. The men are in charge but women know what’s going on.
  • I went to the Zumba class in Richfield today and whoa it kicked my butt!! I honestly feel like I may become addicted to Motrin, its sad!! I am thinking of goin back to the Sat morning class if anyone wants to go!! It’s at 9!!
  • I am a tired tired mom- after getting yelled at one to many times I gave in and made miss H the ultimate little kid dinner of hot dogs, mac and cheese and peas and carrots- too tired to argue
  • I think I have officially hit the wall….headfirst!
  • I’ve never been the person to have a plan, but now that I don’t have a plan, I want a plan, and since I don’t have one, I’m freaking out. I want a plan!! I need a plan!! This is serious! Ugh!
  • Ok, Everyone, I have a Job Interview on Friday… Cross your fingers and say your prayers or I will never get off here!!!! lol…. it is time I think to go back to work even part time….
  • hasn’t been on Facebook for over 24 hours now! – How will I survive w/o knowing who’s been to class or work, or who has leveled up in Mafia Wars?! I feel lost.
  • is mad at that damn American Idol for running too late making my DVR cut off the end of Glee. I want to place a curse on each one of those long-winded singers and their judges.
    • Comment: is your friend. Embrace hulu because hulu will not cut off the end of Glee. The new episode should be up on hulu on Wednesday.
    • Response: I set my alarm for 3am and bought it on itunes and the 2 minutes and 46 seconds were totally worth the expense. I will however deduct the cost from my donation to Idol Gives Back tonight. Take that AI! Thanks to you, the children will suffer.


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