Funny Facebook Quotes XXVII

Enjoy the Funny Facebook Quotes for this week. They are sure to brighten your day.

  • Funny things I didn’t expect to hear at work…”Could you sit on that toilet seat before I do and warm it up? It is just freakin’ cold”
  • Really fighting the urge to put my head on my desk & taking a power nap.
  • Today, my friend told me she loves peanut butter. She’s allergic to nuts. She said she buys the peanut butter that has no nuts in it. I think that’s just butter.
  • Today I realized that if the world ends in 2012, we will still get to see all the Harry Potter movies, but not all the Twilight ones. Take that, Twilight. Even the Mayans knew they’d hate you.

  • Does rigorous honesty pay off?
    • Comment: Hardly ever in the short run… always in the long run
    • Comment: I’ve always said spend your lies wisely. If you use them too much they won’t work when you really need them to.
      • Response: Let me rephrase that… does rigorous pay off when talking to an FBI agent?
  • There’s times in my life when I look back and ask myself,” Why the hell did I do that?” …..Like right now
  • I love my wife soooo much that if she were to fart in church, I would claim it!
    • Comment: Now that is true love! My wife loves me so much that if she were to fart in church, she would give me the credit.
    • Comment: Isn’t that romantic!
  • The New Twilight movie is coming out next week!!!!!! Do you think this one will totally suck or just bite?? 😉
  • Saw a 5 day old baby today. Omgosh, I think there needs to be some sort of NBBA (Newborn Baby Aholics) meeting I can attend.
  • Got a compliment about my “classy silver hairs” while standing in line at the gas station. – REALLY?!?!! Come on folks, I’m 26, not 46! Maybe when I’m older you can try to make me feel better about it….As for right now….tweezers….
    • Comment: Hey what’s wrong with 46. But you are very handsome.
    • Comment: My problem is the opposite. I get carded at Wal-Mart when I try to buy R movies because the people don’t believe I’m over 17. And I’m almost 20…
    • Comment: don’t pull them, 5 more grow in its place……. trust me I know…..

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Funny Facebook Quotes XXVII — 3 Comments

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  2. I love the Harry Potter vs. Twilight, the world ends in 2012 quote. Imma gonna haveta steal that one. And no one needs to be “rigorous”ly “honest” about it on my wall.. A’ight?!? 🙂

    Good Job LaRea!! <3

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