Sidekick Suki on ATV Jamboree Ride-Oak Belt Trail

The 2010 ATV Jamboree is held in Richfield, Utah every September. The perfect time for ATV riding. The leaves are just starting to change colors and the weather is finally cooling off a little. Actually any time is perfect for an ATV ride. “Any ride is a good ride,” my husband always tells me. You want to know who believes that… Sidekick Suki of course. She watches as we load the pink Polaris RZR on the trailer and she is absolutely positive that she is going for a ride that day. On this day she was correct. Sidekick Suki was going for a ride in “her” RZR. Suki believes that pretty pink RZR belongs to her. After all, she rides in the front with her face fur blowing in the wind.  A ride across the yard or down the street is perfect for her. Just as long as the wheels are turning, she is happy. Suki lives by the rule that any ride is a good ride.

We started our ride at the trailhead for the Great Western Trail just off the Gooseberry exit on I-70 about 7 miles from Salina, Utah. Our first adventure was driving through a creek. (Is that pronounced creeeek or crick?) I am certain that Suki did not like driving through the water. I think she is afraid of water. At least when I tried to put her in the creek later in the day she kicked her feet to avoid touching the water. We drove and drove and drove for approximately 6 hours and 55 miles. The scenery was beautiful. The leaves were starting to change to red, yellow and orange. Over all Sidekick Suki enjoyed the adventure and so did I.

First Stop on Great Western Trail, Driving Through Creek Photo

Sidekick Suki Ready to Hit the Trail Photo

Oak Belt Trail with Beautiful Autumn Leaves

Sidekick Suki Relaxing in Polaris RZR Photo

Beautiful Fall Scenery Along the Trail

Sidekick Suki Taking a Dip in The Creek

Autumn ATV Trail

Polaris RZR on Great Western Trail Photo

Sidekick Suki Enjoying the Scenery

Sidekick Suki Enjoyed the Ride.. Check Out that Dirty Face

End of the Ride Polaris RZR Crossing Creek Photo


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