Sidekick Suki and the Yo-Yo

We have been on the road a lot and unfortunately we have had to leave Sidekick Suki home. Poor girl. She gets lonely, wants to cuddle and just have a little attention.

This morning she was looking for attention. She found a yo-yo in her toy basket (she has toys all over the house) and was just playing with it. It was fun watching her, so I took a few pictures with my Blackberry phone.

I know the pictures are not great and kind of silly (who lets their dog play with a yo-yo). Suki is 2 years old now and is becoming more of a teenager than my own teenagers, very independent and self sufficient. If she wants to play with the yo-yo, let her play with the yo- yo. Surprisingly, she held still for the most part while I snapped these pics.

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