Looking to the Future … or Dreaming Again

Image of Beach at Sunset

Some days my husband and I are traveling so much. It seems as if we are just going in circles from one end of the state and then back again. Wouldn’t it be nice to just be laying back and relaxing on the beach somewhere or close to the beach? (Note: add having a house on the beach to your bucket list.) Now the wheels in my mind start turning… a house near the beach, maybe a condo, even a shack would do. Whatever! I am ready to pack up these cold bones and head out of the frigid Utah winter for a few months.

Dreaming big is my motto. When looking for a beachfront vacation home, always start your journey on the internet. Whether looking for plane tickets, hotels or excursions at your destination, online is a great resource. Where can I find some great beachfront property? My top choices for beach property would be California, Hawaii or Florida. Now, where should I start?

I always dreamed about living in Hawaii. I visited Honolulu as a teenager and knew that one day I would return to the sandy beaches of Waikiki. So, I checked on a few websites which gave me some ideas about the cost of buying a home in Hawaii. It looks as if that might not be the starting point for me. But a girl can dream.

Moving on…How about a Florida beach home? Wow, I love Florida. A beach home there would be wonderful. Florida has a lot of beaches aaannnd Disneyworld. Sounds like a great destination for some rest and relaxation, but so far from my home base in Southern, Utah.

California would probably be the ideal place for our retirement/vacation home. I have read some good things about the community in Del Mar, California. Beaches, parks, surfing, shopping and relaxing are all benefits. Sounds like the perfect little place to settle down in a vacation/retirement home. The kids would all love to visit me at the beach. At least that’s what they all tell me.

For now, these ideas are going on my “For the Future” list but I will always continue looking and dreaming. One day I may just “Get in and Go” to one of these great destinations to check it all out.

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