Amazing Race

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

I would give up my firstborn child to be a contestant on The Amazing Race. That is a slight exaggeration, but I would do almost anything to be on the show. The ability to travel around the world with someone that you love, perform fun and exciting challenges, and potentially win a million dollars at the end? It’s too much. There is no need for the million dollar prize, in my opinion. Keep the money. I would just appreciate the opportunity to travel around the world with my husband. In fact, I’ll do one better. Keep the money, and I’ll pay them to be on the show. It’s an untapped revenue potential. It’s brilliant. I suppose there is one problem with my plan. I am fully aware of the fact that if my husband were to travel around the world and consistently be placed in high stress situations with little to no money, we would probably not make it past the end of the show. It’s a lot to put a couple through, is what I’m saying. And considering the full scale mental breakdowns I witness every time I watch the show, I think that’s a safe thing to say. Look for the show on direct tv packages on Sundays.



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