Las Vegas Convention Plus Adventure

Last week my husband and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas for a business convention. Whenever we go to Las Vegas it seems to always be for work obligations. But we all know Las Vegas is far more than just the home of the yearly convention. The city is filled with lights, concerts, shows, gambling, people and adventure.

This last week I said to my husband, “Husband, I want to experience the city. Have a grand Las Vegas adventure.”

His response to me, “Wife, we shall have that grand adventure. I have planned a non-work obligation time for you in Las Vegas.”

I replied, “You are the best husband ever!”

We wanted to go to one of the many shows in Las Vegas and there are just so many choices. Musicals, comedy, concerts, magic, tours. The possibilities seemed endless. Finally we decided to go to the wonderful Celine Dion show. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy that show but… WOW! It was incredible!

We had also heard about the new bridge at Hoover Dam and thought we would check that out as well. That is one tall bridge that looks over the Hoover Dam. You heard me right, “looks over” the already super high Hoover Dam. Well worth the short drive out of Las Vegas.

I am so glad that we booked a few extra activities for our Las Vegas business trip. A little fun always makes the work easier. Next year when we go to Las Vegas for that annual business convention, I am sure I will say “Husband, we need some fun.” And he will say “You got it babe.”  There is always something going on in that big city of lights and entertainment to entertain me and the best husband ever.



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  1. I remember being in Vegas a few years back, while the construction of the bridge was under way. Earlier this year I was flying into Vegas, and was enthralled by the completed bridge while passing over the dam. It’s huge!

  2. Hi Larea,
    Thanks you for your post, There is no place like Las Vegas in the entire world, therefore
    people from all over the world come here on a daily basis. Vegas has changed over the years, but most of the changes have occurred in the past 6 to 7 years.

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