Big Rock Candy Mountain Bike Ride (photos and video)

Image by Ken Lund via Flickr One evening as the sun went down And the jungle fires were burning, Down the track came a hobo hiking, And he said, “Boys, I’m not turning I’m headed for a land that’s far … Continue reading

Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival in Salina, Utah

Have you ever seen brightly colored hot air balloons float across a blue morning sky? Or witnessed those same balloons glow in the dark of the evening? It is time to get in and go because the “Eyes to the … Continue reading

Snowmobiling 11,500 Feet to the Top of Mt. Terrill in the Fishlake National Forest (video)

Middle of April 2010 we rode our snowmobiles up 11,500 feet to the top of Mt. Terrill on the Fishlake National Forest. The ride was great, the snow was awesome and the weather couldn’t have been better. Only one thing, … Continue reading