Just Outside My Home Office: Sevier County, Utah

Here I sit in my home office (I love that I have a home office) contemplating my next adventure. Where will it take me? What will I see? Who will I meet? What will I learn? The possibilities are endless. There is a big beautiful world out there and I cannot wait to see it all. Such a big and exciting decision. As I am contemplating this issue, I think to myself, “I live in a pretty fabulous place.” Right here outside my home office door is a magnificent view of Musinia Peak, more commonly known as Molly’s or Mary’s “nipple” to the locals around here, a mountain crest on the Wasatch Plateau.

I think everyone should have the opportunity to come to Sevier County, Utah. Sure it’s small town and quiet. No bright lights, big city. In fact, there is only one movie theater in the whole county. It is one of those old time movie theaters, found on Main Street in Richfield, the kind that your grandparents would always tell you that they went to on a Saturday afternoon for a matinee. For only ten cents they were entertained with a newsreel, a movie, and hot, buttery popcorn. And then they always had one nickel left to purchase ice cream cones on their way home. And next Saturday they would do the same thing over, just so they did not miss the next episode in the movie serial. Those were the good ol’ days, they would say. But today’s Sevier County isn’t the place you would go to catch the latest movie. It is the place you would go for four-wheeling, snowmobiling, horseback riding, camping, fishing, and hunting.

So how do you get to Sevier County? Sevier County is located in central Utah along Interstate 70 and Highway 89. If you are driving between Los Angeles and Denver you are most likely going to travel through it. Sevier County is home to the Paiute ATV Trail, which is an ATV trail system of over 1,000 miles through some of the most beautiful country in the world. It’s a great adventure for those who love to ride or those who just want to try something new and adventurous. The ever-changing scenery always keeps me wanting to go for a ride. From my house I can get in my Polaris RZR and go into the mountains and forests to see pristine lakes, towering Ponderosa pines, and wildlife around every corner.

After the long journey to Sevier County, you most certainly are going to be hungry. And what will you want? A nice, home-cooked meal. Well, almost home-cooked. There are a few great restaurants around, but by far the most colorful and noteworthy is the famous Mom’s Café. Mom’s Café has been around for 75 years. Featured in several travel and food magazines, Mom’s provides just good, home-style cooking. The menu has all the comfort foods you could ever want – hamburgers, soups, fish ‘n chips, liver and onions, and the best chicken fried steak around. Be sure to add the famous scone to your meal (could be a meal by itself) topped with honey butter from a bottle. Top the meal off with a slice of homemade pie and you are on your way to another adventure in Sevier County, Utah.

My adventures have taken me from the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles, California to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have enjoyed some pretty spectacular scenery and culinary masterpieces. I always enjoy traveling to new and exciting destinations but there is no place like home.

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