Where’s the Beef?

Out in my travels I have to eat sometime. I am forever in search ofimages the best hamburger EVER!  Where is it? What is it called? How is it made?

Now I have had some pretty great hamburgers.  But I just feel that the most heavenly burger is still out there somewhere. But where?  Here are some of my favorites so far:

The Squatters Bourbon BurgerSquatters – Salt Lake City, Utah

The Star BurgerShooting Star Saloon – Huntsville, Utah

Hires Big HHires – Salt Lake City, Utah

Deluxe BurgerMom’s Café – Salina, Utah

Meatloaf Burger – Ruth’s Diner – Salt Lake City, Utah

Double Double Animal StyleIn -n-Out – St George, Utah

Big Ben – Burger Bar – Roy, Utah

Apollo BurgerApollo Burger – Any City, Utah

Cowboy Burger – Cafe Adobe – Hatch, Utah

One of these may be my heaven sent burger, but I am still going to keep on looking. Tell me what you think and lead me in the right direction to satisfy my stomach’s desire.


Where’s the Beef? — 5 Comments

  1. Glad you put the Hire’s Big H on the list – It has always been one of my favorites! Even though I haven’t been there in years – I can still remember how good it tasted!

  2. I actually really like the burgers at Blue Plate Diner over by my parents’ house – tastes like a nice homemade burger. But I’ve heard from people the best burger is the kobe beef burger at Red Rock. I guess it’s like $20 bucks which is a little expensive for my tastes. Also B&D Burger by the University of Utah is really good. Kind of a dive, but good burgers. Did you hear we’re getting an In-&-Out? I’m happy about that one.

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