Funny Facebook Quotes II

After a long needed holiday break I am back! Well rested (not really) but nonetheless… back!  We had a great holiday season. We traveled from one end of Utah to the other with a whole lot of fun in between with the family.  I have a lot of ideas for those wanting to “Get in and Go.” But to start off the New Year,  I am beginning the weekly “Friday Funny Facebook Quotes.”  Too many to list in this one column, that is why we have to do this every week people. Enjoy!
  • I shouldn’t be confused about everything, but I am…
  • Hey we’re in a tropical heat wave its 25 degrees! Wahoo! Won’t last long as it’s to drop below zero in a couple of days again. Oh well happy to take what we can get.
  • would like to thank his Canadian friends for sending their wonderful weather this way :o) It is not every day in the deep south that 33 degrees can be your day-time high!….I am looking forward to this snow possibility also…..Alabamians + Snow = Crazy Good Redneck Fun!
  • Just remember: it is not how you eat between Christmas and New Year’s but how you eat between New Year’s and Christmas.
  • Hauling coal has its ups and downs for sure!! Like when you open your gates and no coal comes out cuz it’s completely frozen!!!!!lol
  • Vowels A-E-I-O-U and sometimes Y? whats up with the sometimes Y?
  • does (daughter) really want to be potty trained or is she just enjoying being diaper free so she can put baby powder on herself? She won’t let me put a diaper on her and says potty. Then she runs and gets the powder. Heaven help me.
  • i have been avoiding it all day, but i am going to finally admit it……….my name is (blank) and i am a grump!
  • thinks I would have learned by now that dryers and chapsticks do not mix, they melt. All over your clothes and new jeans that i just bought. Damn.
  • sitting on the couch–eating burnt almond fudge ice cream out of the carton–watching Biggest Loser–what is wrong with this picture?
  • Is annoyed that I am the first to give advice on how to quit Diet Coke and now I am struggling and have a HUGE headache.. the oranges are not helping.. now what?                                                                           Advice: Drink Diet Pepsi. MUCH better… 🙂
  • loves how his 1 hr and 20 min class started at 10:00am and ended at 10:12am. Better not get used to that happening everyday!

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