Get in and Go…. Snowmobiling!

Saturday morning and lying before us was a mountain of laundry, a kitchen to be painted and rooms to be cleaned. The list seemed endless. We had been busy all week anyway with work and cleaning up after the holidays. Then Kirk said it. Music to my ears. How about a day off!

“Hurray,” I said. “Let’s go! Where are we going?”

“For a snowmobile ride of course! Just get dressed in your warm snow clothes, hop on your snowmobile and let’s take off to the mountain meadows.” Kirk said.

“Yipee!” I exclaimed as I quickly put on my snowmobile clothes and helmet. A ride is just what I needed today.

All of that laundry, painting and cleaning will be there tomorrow. The time to enjoy life is now!

Here are a few tips for you new snowmobilers:

  1. Dress warm. Ski bibs, wool socks, warm boots, warm coat, and hat.
  2. Always wear a helmet! It is always better to be a careful rider.
  3. Use your butt to steer. Leaning your body is a lot easier than trying to pull with your arms.
  4. Watch out for objects below the snow… like rocks. They are a lot bigger than they appear. (see picture: It only hurts a little bit)
  5. Have fun but be careful.

I am sure there are many more tips. These are just a few of the things that I am learning as I keep trying to be a better snowmobiler. It is good to always be learning new things.

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