Funny Quotes from Facebook IV

I could hardly wait for Friday to roll around this week. I have had so many people say so many funny things on my Facebook pages. I love that my sister is trying really hard to get her quotes posted. She has been funny since the day I met her back when the parents brought her home from the hospital. Ok, it took her a few years to get really funny but she has kept me laughing for many years. A new list of Friday’s Funny Quotes from Facebook is here. Enjoy!

  • found a simple way to get the check engine light to go off in your car. First get your car really dirty, let it stay dirty for a long time. Then go wash your car, vacuum it out and fill it up with gas (you know, treat it like a “lobster date”). Viola! Check engine light goes off.
  • wondering if it is odd that I am talking to my little girl’s prized stuffed animal as it came out of the washer. “Are you okay, doggie?” First time washing her favorite stuffed animal, just a little worried. =)
  • thinking of something funny to say so I can make it onto my sister’s blog about funny updates . . . I guess the funny in me doesn’t perform when it thinks too hard of something funny to say.
  • our neighbors are getting along today; I know this the same way I know when they aren’t getting along…..our walls are too thin!!! Not cool.
  • It was a really bad day today 🙁 but now my hair is so cute and somehow that seems to make it okay 🙂
  • 2 minutes is how much time it took from walking in the door until I had my replacement Costco card in hand. The Drivers License Division could take a few pointers from Costco.
  • Just loves creepy stalker like friends. You know who you are. 🙂 Jk
  • if there are organ, blood and plasma donors…I am just wondering why there isn’t any cellulite donors because I’m sure there is some skinny minny out there that could use some of mine to make her healthy, right? lmao! I really need to shed some lbs!
  • My five year old had a dream last night that her dad and I had purple robes on and we had two horns coming out of our heads….. Guess I won’t be reading her Where The Wild Things Are before bed anymore!
  • My 5 year old wants to squeeze our oranges and ‘make lemonade’… I told him it’d make orange juice and he told me I ‘am silly.’
  • So excited….today was one of the most exciting days of my life so far…. we finally got to turn in our geography books and now the class is over! YAY!
  • I just went out a measured the icicle forming on the eave of my house. It is now 5 feet 7 inches long. I should knock it down, but it’s become some sort of weird fascination for me.

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Funny Quotes from Facebook IV — 7 Comments

  1. Funny odd statements. I don’t want to catch myself talking to my girlfriends stuffed animal, nor would I want anyone to know that I did.

  2. Don’t worry Kent, the first time she made one of these about ½ the quotes were mine… Now sadly just one 🙁

    J/K LaRea, fun to see what tickles your funny bone 😉

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