Get in and Go….Sledding!

Over the holidays we had a lot of kids at home. They were having a blast playing on their X-Box and watching television. And yes, some even said they were bored. What do you do with kids who are bored at home? We decided it was time for a family adventure!

So this is what we did: We bundled all of those kids up in some nice warm ski bibs and Polaris and SkiDoo coats and took them to the hills for some good old timer sledding action. It was a great experience. It was such a great experience that we went a couple of times. The kids had fun. I had even more fun. We got out into the crisp winter air. We put in some good exercise by climbing those hills. That day I realized my body does move as quickly as when I was twenty.

We had such a great time but here are some of the suggestions I have for those of you who are considering this adventure. Tips for sledding:

  1. Dress warm. Coats, hats, ski bibs, boots and gloves.
  2. Be careful. There is always danger when going at high speeds down a mountain.
  3. Watch out for trees and rocks and other people.
  4. Take snacks 🙂
  5. Let the kids do most of the sledding. Old people are not meant to go at high speeds down mountains.

There were a few bumps and bruises on our adventure, but we made it through the day with more fun than we should have had. My innerchild cannot wait to go again.

By the way, we have the best kids in the world and taking them out sledding was such a joy. They loved Christmas, were very  appreciative of their gifts and even helped out with the clean up of everything.  However, if you need something to do with your bored kids… take them sledding!

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