Utah Bull Elk Pictures

Local wildlife photographer (also my brother-in-law) Kreig Rasmussen, was able to catch these awesome pictures of a 7 point bull elk measuring around 425.Wow! Aren’t these great? They were taken only three days ago somewhere in Central Utah.
Being from the city, I am amazed with the size and beauty of elk. I love driving in the mountains just to hopefully see them.

Kreig has taken many beautiful wildlife pictures. He has graciously allowed me to share these with my readers.Kreig’s artwork can also be purchased. He is selling these photos on a wrapped 14″ x 19″ canvas for $125.00. Thanks Kreig for sharing your talent. I am lucky to be related to the artist.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these photos, we are taking orders. Kreig’s artwork can be seen at many Utah art shows, but if you want these fresh pictures, get them now.


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