Funny Facebook Quotes VI

Looking for Friday’s Funny Facebook Quotes? Here they are! Looking for Funny Facebook Quotes is the best part of my week for a couple of reasons. Number one, I get to read all kinds of funny stories to brighten my day. Number two, I get to spend a lot of time on Facebook and  I can actually call it work. It does take work to read through status updates and put them all together to try to find the funniest of them all. The bonus is that I get to keep up with all my Facebook friends. Hope that these quotes put a smile on your face for the weekend.

  • Need a good laugh???? I just pulled off the classic “fall on your butt” stunt in the parking lot in front of everyone that just got out of the movie. Haven’t moved that fast in a long time!
  • You did WHAT with WHO for HOW many cookies??
  • is growing tired of the boring friends in his life who don’t want to do anything outside of their own home. My boredom is starting to tear away at my sanity. I even pondered starting a cult today where I made my followers use Toddism’s as their scripture and swear revenge on anyone who cannot sing the theme song of Golden Girls or Fraggle Rock. Anything to provide some excitement to life.

  • Aaaaand, an entire stick of real butter goes into the kitchen trash. Bad kitty! Baaaaad kitty!
  • really ishes his “” key orked ell. Makes me feel like a ashington hite House intern in 2000.
  • I have now slept through 3 alarms the past two mornings – one of them is a nasty and loud rooster crow. What the heck?
  • okay, how in the world do I remove photos of me that are not photos of me? I feel so blonde.
  • Hummm…I saw a person driving and reading at the same time. I wanted to ram her with my truck!
  • I’m a start charging people whose PCs I trouble shoot in their homes extra if they have bad BO. I have killer headache now.
  • Thankful for mornings like today when I can thank the heavens they all aren’t like this one. LOL.


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  1. Ah, one of my classic favorite lines, “You did WHAT with WHO for HOW many cookies??”

    I say that all the time. Have been using that line for 14 years now and this quote here was NOT from my page.

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