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I am celebrating an anniversary, number ten on Friday’s Funny Facebook Quotes. Ten doesn’t seem like a lot but ask any 3-year old, ten years is pretty old. Ten weeks of gathering Funny Facebook Quotes has been a lot of fun. Some weeks my Facebook friends are hi-lar-i-ous and then others not so much. What may seem funny to me may not be funny to others. Whatever the case,  just sit back and relax, take a couple of minutes out of your work day and get into my world. Thanks again friends for a fun filled week of status updates and making this ten week anniversary possible.

  • …Is someday going to be the Queen of the World. Just you wait and see.

Comment: May I be your jester, sire?
Comment: If you holla that from a bow of a ship- can I be the one with my arms wrapped around you!?

  • …Left his Face book page up on his work computer and walked away, so I laughed at all his dorky pictures, read all his email, and now I am typing a status update about how he smells of old cheese and is wearing a dumb plaid shirt.

Comment: Hey! I like this shirt. Plus it isn’t old cheese, it is old spice.
Comment: Hmm old spice mixed with old man = old cheese?

  • Minor accomplishments by your kid can be the most amazing things . . . pooping in the potty ranks right up there.
  • …Is wondering if the Men’s Canadian Hockey Team will be able to celebrate in the same fashion as the Women’s Canadian Team? Or did the women ruin it for the men by smoking the cigars and drinking beer first!
  • …Is not only wearing the “mad” pants today…I have on the whole outfit and the freakin socks to match…
  • Just realized that STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards
  • …Is doing laundry. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like clean underwear.
  • So what do you think it means when you are trying so hard not to eat sweets and you think you keep seeing those m&m guys following you around? (ya, like I’m the only one that’s happened to) lol
  • 2 old ladies sitting in church 1 leans over and whispers to the other “my butt is going to sleep” the other replies “I know I have heard it snore 3 times”
  • How the heck does paper beat rock? Why don’t you stand in front of me while I throw a rock at you and we will see how that works out??!
  • You don’t see Batman’s family making friends with the Joker, now do you?
  • …Needs to find a good, caring, loving home for our Wii. Preferably a family with no more than two kids that know how to share and not throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way. Only two years old, has been put in ‘time out’ for a good part of its life. If you know anyone that would love it and wouldn’t mind taking videos of themselves playing it so I can show my children, please email me at Ihateyou @ meanmom . com


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  1. LOL, those are good this week sis. I haven’t made your funny quotes in a few weeks. I must try to be funnier on Facebook :-/

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