Top Ten Funny Facebook Quotes Poll Results

As promised, here are your choices for the Funny Facebook Quotes of the Week. Thank you for participating!

  • 10. Is not a fan of STATISTICS class
    Comment: I think 9 out of 10 would agree. (See what I did there?)
  • 9. I’m tired and have been watching so many cartoons that I changed the channel and real people were on, and it scared me…
  • 8. A state should know something is wrong with their water when red kool-aid can’t even knock out the lake water taste.
    Comment: its cause red is gross you gotta get blue kool-aid
  • 7. Thinks it’s awesome that my son just crawled deep into my husband’s closet in order to fill his diaper.
  • 6. Sooo… Trying to get a 3 year old to eat a Brussels sprout is pretty much like watching toddler Fear Factor. Disgusting and hilarious.
  • 5. While looking up this season’s denim fashion, apparently overalls are making a comeback. Don’t know how to feel about this.
    Comment: Oh thank God. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this moment.
    Comment: I brought those back in 1998.
  • 4. Once you’re in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?
    Comment: What if I’m cremated? Will I be held on a towel soaked with Pledge and carried around by you and your ugly burial clothes?
    Comment: That’s why I am requesting to be buried in my warm jammies and fuzzy socks (yes, panties too but no bra). TMI?
  • 3. I just got a tearful call from my daughter I did not quite understand, It included, locker, cell phone, iPod, stole. Mine included *&%#$!!, %^$#@!, and %$#@*!
  • 2. went four whole days without signing into FB on my computer once. – Did I feel super accomplished? You better believe it!….But now I just spent 25 minutes reading ppl’s status updates and missing that I missed out on everyone’s lives for 4 days….Stupid Facebook….*mumbles*….
  • 1. I am so whore out….
    Comment: you are not supposed to put that on your facebook!!! Lol
    Response: ya, I meant to say worn out. I guess that’s how tired I was that I spelled it wrong.

Honorable Mentions:

  • My kids LOVE oatmeal. Today my daughter would not eat it. We were late, I made her. Gags and tears. It was not pretty. What?!? OK, I ran out of cinnamon, but get over it already! Later that morning, my son informs me our milk is sour. The milk I made the oatmeal with. Bad, bad mom. I will humbly confess and apologize. Poor girl:( But both boys just downed like business as usual, does that count for anything?
  • All I can say is that the truest form of democracy is a write-in campaign. It would be exciting to see it happen.
    • Comment: Isn’t the truest form of democracy having the citizens  vote on everything, doing away with a representative form of government?
  • A hospital is NOT a freakin’ bed n’ breakfast!
    • Comment: Then I don’t want to be sick there – I take a room in a hotel
  • See Scott, now see Chick and Jane……translation – See SPOT now see DICK and Jane….my 3 year old insists his version is right!!
  • Sitting in the dentist chair.. Don’t understand why they won’t give me laughing gas for a cleaning?!

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