Funny Facebook Quotes XXII

Let me start out with the results from the Midweek Funny Facebook Quotes Poll. Funny thing, my sister had the winning Facebook status update. I think she may have coerced her friends to vote for her “Big River” quote. Here are the remaining results: #10 – “man”;  tied for #4 – Lifetime, synchronized swimmer, math homework, enthusiasm; ties for #3 – doctors, Mr. Snake, rootbeer; #2 – braces; and #1 – Big River. If you want to read the full quote, check out this link. Congratulations to the winner. I am sure she will be having a huge party with her friends. Love you Sis.

Now for this week’s Top Ten Funny Facebook Quotes Poll for this Friday. Again I love the polls. I think they are so much fun and it is interesting to me to see what everyone else decides is funny. I think they are all funny and my Facebook friends really make my weeks glide by when I am reading the funny things they say.

  • OK Friends…I think I really want to start a Bikin’ Club….We can go in the morning or the evening or both…I would love to get lots of people out there and get moving and feeling better…I know I feel amazing after I ride and I want everyone to feel the same! So come on people lets get this going and starting getting fit!
    • Comment: hahahahaha… I thought you said Bikini Club!
  • I think my twins are aliens.
  • Danced naked, buck naked, in the rain last night. I needed a shower and mother nature was offering.
    • Comment: you have just branded my minds eye with that image. It will never leave me now.
    • Comment: I’ll bet she is regretting that offer!
  • wonder if drinking while on Facebook classify as drinking with friends???
  • My wife’s credit card got stolen last month. I didn’t report it though. Turns out the thief spends less than she did
  • Sitting in the dentist chair.. Don’t understand why they won’t give me laughing gas for a cleaning?!
  • Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?
  • Someone please convince me that going to the gym is better stress relief than the half of a bottle of wine in my fridge.
  • This cold weather is harshing my gig.
  • Was just accosted by my neighbor, she barged in my house with her mail in hand, to show me there was 2 twigs in it and bird poo on her paper. I just stared at her “hmmmm??” I said ?? she then goes on to say that this has happened 3 or 4 times since we moved in and she is sure my kids put twigs in her mailbox and leave it open for the birds to poop in…… SERIOUSLY!!!!!! Get a life lady..
    • Comment: what the heck???? Seriously barged in your house? She does need a life.
      • Response: Seriously. She rang but when my daughter answered she almost walked over the top of her trying to get to me, I didn’t even have time to turn around, I had to trek it backwards!! One of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever had.
    • Comment: The funny thing about people like that is it gets you thinking they deserve sticks and poop in their mailbox.
    • Comment: well now it just gives you an excuse to do something….start brainstorming!
    • Comment: I wasn’t aware that birds use twigs as bathrooms… I thought it was only freshly cleaned cars?
    • Comment: You know you sneak over to her mailbox every night and leave the twigs and plant that bird poo in there! You devil
      • Response: ok, yes. We capture birds and make them poop in her mailbox. We don’t have enough to do…Never in my wildest bad neighbor dreams did I imagine a lady wanting me to apologize for birdie poo poo on her newspaper… she kept telling me she pays “$40 A YEAR for that paper.” I think I am gonna pitch the same scenario for a Kandid camera show… Oh well… It kept me entertained for a bit.

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  1. Yeah! I won. I am so cool! Big River is going to be blasting today at work. Yeppers. I want to thank the academy and all the people who believed when I told them that I think I am that cool.

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