Top Ten Funny Facebook Quotes XXIII

The last week of May in Utah was an interesting week in weather. We were blessed with snow  at the end of May, on the last day of school, the start of summer vacation and gardening season. We really thought we were getting a jump on planting our 24 tomato plants and 16 pepper plants (we like salsa) the week before but we were wrong. Out of all of those plants only a few survived the late snowfall. We should have listened to my husband’s great grandfather. “Never plant until after Memorial Day,” he would always say. Well, he was right. Usually grandparents are right about a lot of things. Not only did the late snow storm disrupt my garden, it was an unwelcome sight for my Facebook friends. They had a lot to say about the “summer snow.” Enjoy this week’s Top Ten Funny Facebook Quotes.

  • 10. Isn’t it Utah’s license plates that say “greatest snow on earth” Yep I think it is… But everyone still continues to live here and complain about it. BOO HOO……
  • 9. was going to work out in my yard today, don’t think that’s going to happen!!
    • Comment: Break out the snow shovel…
  • 8. I used to have a dog named Frosty. He could tell the weather. When he was let out, his fur would tell you the weather when he came back in. If his fur was warm, you knew it was sunny. If it was cold, you’d know it was cold out. If it was wet, you’d know it was raining. Today, May 24th, he would have told me it was snowing…
  • 7. How is it that the best laid plans get screwed up before you even leave the house?
    • Comment: Is the answer snow at the end of May?
  • 6. It’s pretty sad that my mom sends me an instant message on Facebook and tells me that I need to go to bed because it’s past my bedtime. How did she know I was on….we’re not even in the same county. Facebook….so addicting…. hehehe 🙂
  • 5. Is going to have a threesome… with their mattress, comforter, and pillow! Now what were you thinking I was going to say? hahahahahaha!
  • 4. Q. What did you do for summer vacation?
    • A. Shoveled the walk then went skiing.
  • 3. What’s the worst thing U can do to a blind man? Leave the plunger in the toilet!!
  • 2. I saw the WREG News Channel 3 camera guy using a Sony EX3 camera. They apparently switched to those from the Panasonic cameras. His thoughts on the Sony camera, “These things suck. They aren’t durable and are front heavy.”
    • Comment: Sounds like an ex-girlfriend of mine. *rim shot*
  • 1. Grilling hot dogs & brats all day at Turkey Creek Festival to raise $ for a great cause – Want one?
    • Comment: Did you say brats? There should be plenty to choose from if parents bring their kids!!!

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  1. Those are so funny. You know what I heard last Monday when it snowed? Utah state law mandates that snow tires be removed from all vehicles by April 1st. Hmmm.

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