Funny Twitter Quotes from #cbc10

This weekend I have been at the Casual Blogger Conference in Sandy, Utah.  It has been a weekend of mind blowing information, so mind blowing I haven’t even taken any pictures (sorry Kirk). I have a couple of hours left and I will try to get a couple of pictures.

I have been following the Twitter feeds faithfully and have wished that I could have attended all of the classes. I have heard that they are going to have videos later though for a minimal fee (I hope, especially that Matt Townsend).

As I have been following the Twitter feeds I have been impressed with the humor of the group and thought why not post a group of Funny Twitter Quotes. Of course I know everyone loves the Facebook Quotes and Twitter Quotes can be funny too. So I thought I would quickly post them before the night is over….and instead of going to dinner and making new friends (too much pressure).  Enjoy! Enjoy!!

  • @jenndola Depressed that I’m missing the depression panel. Is that ironic, or just pathetic? #cbc10
  • @emihill Okay. Have 2 get off #cbc10 Twitter stream. Officially sad (&chastened) I missed the keynote. Going into the corner for a good, long cry.
  • @Clutteredbrain It turns out i can’t laugh and tweet at the same time. HOLY PAP SMEAR! #cbc10 My side hurts from laughing so hard.
  • @emihill Anyone who says scrapbooking is the devil’s workshop is my new favorite person. I love Matt Townsend & have yet to meet him. #cbc10
  • @quinncurtis Must have had too much candy at the #cbc10 social last night cuz I had CRAZY dreams. Wow.
  • @latermom I’ve gotten lost every time I try to drive somewhere while at #CBC10. Totally understandable IF I hadn’t lived 2 blocks away for 3 years.
  • @lyonstale Sleep count: 3 hrs. Might have to head back to the pillow and be late to #CBC10 this morning, or I simply won’t be functioning for my class
  • @Evonne Sell if you see me in the corner somewhere at the#CBC10…know that I don’t do well on how little sleep I got! 🙂
  • @SeagullFountain That’s all we need: the regularly-uncoordinated yet pregnancy-enhanced-uncoordinated lady dancing! 😛
  • @emihill @rudyrukus Of course not! We’re a team! The Clapper Sisters (better than the clap sisters..ROTFL)
  • @mooshinindy Angee and I are in bed like old people with laptops and jammies. LAAAME! #cbc10
  • @emihill Well, if my blog doesn’t make money I can go into professional backup clapping! #cbc10
  • @therhouse and THANK YOU for calling my jeans little! bless your lying heart! #cbc10
  • @SeagullFountain So tired. Think I have PTPD. Post-traumatic-presentation-disorder #cbc10 {you were great!!}
  • @Jenndola I really need to pee but @tech4mommy is too awesome to miss. #cbc10
  • @HeatheroftheEO Hey #cbc10 friends. coulda you spare a girl a pain reliever? anyone?anyone? #migrainearrivalimpending
  • @Jenndola I’m totally going to start a naked scrapbooking blog now. Thanks for the idea, @rustinb ! #blogfrog#cbc10
  • @Clutteredbrain Hmm, what can I sacrifice to grow my blog to a new level? #cbc10 making meals–#ineedahousekeeperandachef


Funny Twitter Quotes from #cbc10 — 6 Comments

  1. Finally I know what #cbc10 means! I’ve been seeing all these tweets and I didn’t know what conference it referred to, so thank you.

    Have a happy writing day!

  2. Sadie – I thought about that all the way home after such a great conference. So when I got home and read that your comment was exactly what I had been thinking about, I decided I should give the tweeters credit and a link. In the past on my Funny Facebook Quotes, I did not want to embarrass those making the quotes for privacy reasons. My readers have enjoyed the posts but I learned this weekend that bloggers are different…they like the links. Thank you for your comment.

  3. I’m just going to put this out there: if you are going to copy other people’s writing (even tweets) you need to be giving them the credit by linking or at least aknowledging them by name. Otherwise, they call that plagerism.

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