Funny Facebook Quotes XXIV

This has been a super long week for me. So much going on! Although it has all been very good. My daughter graduated from high school and congratulations are in order there. I am so proud of her. Needless to say I have not spent much time on Facebook with my FB friends. Oh, I have missed you friends. So today as I was catching up on what is going on in your lives, I was pleased to find out that you still are making me laugh. Enjoy the quotes today and let me know which quote you think is the best for the week.

  • Boy killed a butterfly and dad said “No butter for you.” boy killed a honeybee and dad said”No honey for you.”Mom killed a cockroach. Boy says to dad “now what?” HAHAHAHA
  • You would think that with all the driving, all the walking around the amusement park, and all the swimming my kids would be wore out…NOPE…They are still going…and going…and Going…lol
  • Gave his best friend a fortune cookie to cheer him up. – It would have to be the cookie without a fortune in it….Epic Fail
  • Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t run across any good political things to post today! But I’ll keep looking
  • Took some Benadryl and is getting sleepy. My hardcore Googling has brought me the knowledge that although I may be allergic to bees, I’m not going to die :o) Hopefully when I wake up the hives, numbness, and headache are gone though….At least the bee is dead….*cue the evil laughter*….
  • Was on a 6 Month Debt Free Plan and was über excited. – Car wreck is making it look more like a 24 Month Debt Free Plan….
  • “Dad’s not smart. He’s driving the wrong way”. (He was backing the Motor home up).
  • Just want to tell the girl that left her +positive pregnancy test in the Walgreens parking lot Congratulations! Wow, people can be so classy.
    • Comment: I wonder if she peed right there in the parking lot, or had enough dignity to find the restroom?
  • Today I was walking into a store and not paying attention. I thought somebody was holding the door open for me so I said thanks. I looked up to see my family laughing at me for thanking automatic doors. Nevertheless, I now thank all underappreciated automatic doors.
  • Just introduced the boys to bubble wrap. Genius.

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